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What is Belajar Mesin Bubut About,Manual Metal Lathe Tips and Tricks?

Hi there... If you land here by accident and have no idea about this blog, let me say something about this. Belajar Mesin Bubut is my personal blog to share my experience about manual Metal Lathe machine. Even though am not a profesional trainer or shop instructor, i like to write what i know about manual Metal Lathe. So i blog my thought here. And the important thing is,this blog is for newbies, beginner,and hobbies. Not for professional. I sometimes wacth some metal shop expert on YouTube that share about metal lathe tips,, metal lathe tips and tricks, metal lathe tips for beginners, cutting tips for metal lathe, metal lathe tool tips, tips for using a metal lathe, metal lathe carbide tips, metal lathe techniques tips or special  metal lathe turning tips. And my favorite channel is "Build Something Cool". They also have interesting IG account. Sometimes they give metal lathe buying guide, metal lathe beginners guide, how to check used metal lathe ,metal lathe cu